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Give your brand the attention it needs to grow; influence what gets said and done and how your brand can be more distinctive, with the support of our brand consultant.


Triggers to use a brand specialist

Well-used slogans, designs and logos can start to lack punch after a few years. But even highly successful companies can find it challenging to articulate a clear proposition, and translate the messaging to be relevant across different customer segments.

Can you risk not having a clear brand strategy if you are planning to:

  • Grow distributors or expand your brand footprint?
  • Change focus or expand into new markets? Reflect new directions.
  • Buy a new business or merge with a competitor? Which values and messages are relevant to the new entity?

Occasionally, it can be too hard to recover from bad PR or from a period when your brand received flak. To rebuild consumer confidence requires a rebrand.

5 Advantages of brand building

A brand is much more than just a logo; it is your mojo, DNA, and identity. It provides confidence about your products and services, and over time, builds a connection in the mind of your customers.  A study by IPA of 500 larger businesses showed that the most growth over the long term comes from brand building.

Gain additional buyer loyalty & motivation

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This gives you competitive advantages of higher prices and profits.

Inspire your 
team to dream 

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Give your team the brand parameters to make meaningful business decisions; stay on track and “on brand” with the team onboard with your vision.

Improve brand execution by  distributors or retailers

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Raise visibility in more markets.

Drive higher engagement and sales

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Highlight your most appealing elements to each market.

Develop your brand’s mojo & charisma

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Develop a widely perceived appeal that transcends other brands, and creates extreme levels of motivation, engagement, and attachment towards your brand, not felt towards competitor products.
brand strategy

Keep relevant & combat competition

Mojo is a power that, while it may seem magical, enables a brand to be alluring and successful. It is charisma, magnetism, mystique.  A good brand strategy enables you to command a disproportionate share of attention. It sets you apart from the crowd, eases the problem of choice and purchase, and brings your company's vision to life.

3 strategies strong brands use are:

  1.  Longevity – brands that have created a consistent story can use familiarity to build momentum
  2.  Personality & imagery – brands that tell an engaging story beyond the product do better
  3.  Continuity – an underlying core message of what the brand represents creates continuity but doesn’t mean your presentation can’t change from one campaign to the next



Be confident in knowing your brand covers customer journey touch points

Companies use branding agencies to instigate a comprehensive overhaul of how the brand will articulate its USP. This inevitably involves new copywriting, brand storytelling and minor or sometimes major website redevelopment. Elements such as the design of a refreshed logo, new look, sales and marketing collateral, email templates, and expo stands may be included.
Company Branding

What are the steps in developing a brand strategy?

  1.  Identify your target clients
  2.  Research your target client’s pain points
  3.  Map your brand positioning vis-à-vis competitors
  4.  Develop your company’s draft brand story, values
  5.  Engage your team to get buy in
  6.  Create your messaging strategy for websites & content
  7.  Test messages with customers and prospects
  8.  Visualise your brand elements
  9.  Develop your content marketing strategy
  10.  Guide staff decision making by including brand messaging in induction and brand behaviours in performance


Brand consulting services

10 elements of brand strategy

Brand Identity

Identify & define your brand mojo – what is it that you stand for? What’s your DNA that you are famous for? Extrapolate this into your unique brand voice, vision, and values and articulate these in a Brand Kit. Define your core values in order to create a culture and driving force for what you stand for in the world. Articulate your bold vision to motivate your team and show how your brand will be perceived.

Names & Slogans

Create a powerful product, service, and company names and slogans that offer clarity, can be trademarked, and cue people about your purpose.

Brand story

Unite your team and distributors with a consistent, powerful brand story that resonates with your customers. Share your story on your About page, corporate profile, sales presentations, and staff induction kit.

Message map

Break down your story into key themes and headlines so your marketing team understands how your message needs to alter for staff, your distribution channels, and unique customer groups.

Logo design

Create a visually sharp logo that positions you meaningfully and clearly, giving cues about what you stand for.

Brand standards manual

Help your branches and printers know how you want your logo to be presented, so they use the right colours, fonts, and your sub-brands link consistently with your hero brand.

Digital asset library

Expand brand visibility and reach by providing easy access for your distributors and retailers to access and share your logos, brand standards, stories, imagery, blogs, and videos.

Rebranding look

Show how the new brand can be rolled out across stationery, sales, and marketing collateral, your website, email templates, and expo stands.

Customer Journey

Define your customer journey and examine brand touchpoints to ensure your story is being told well, and consistently. Identify touchpoints and collateral that need urgent TLC.

Brand insights and perceptions

Is your proposition strong enough to be famous or admired? Does it have a positive sentiment? Do people believe it? Is it driving purchasing behaviour? Define how your brand is perceived in the marketplace; is your vision realistic? Discern if your values are authentic relative to how your brand is being experienced, and get an action plan for what gaps need to be closed

Brand Strategy Packages


Why choose Alexanders?

Most clients we meet are short on time, resources, and branding expertise. We understand the pain that businesses face when they are scaling up.
It is a challenge to reflect the company’s core essence in colours, font, style & language when you are so close to it.
That is where an independent brand consultant can get insights and capture your strengths, to develop your messaging and presentation.
Alexanders is a boutique brand agency that has experienced in-house analysts, brand designers, storytellers, and art directors who have helped to develop many new brands and brand refreshes for companies throughout New Zealand.

We use a bullet-proof brand strategy refined from 25 years (still counting!) of experience dealing with a wide range of corporates and SMEs. We empower businesses as your marketing arm to take your brand further; push faster, deeper, and smarter.

Companies of all sizes and in all industries need brand development services to excel. As an experienced brand agency, we can tailor a solution to suit your stage and budget. Is it time to highlight your most appealing elements and drive higher recognition and sales?
Access our brand specialist to shape your brand’s DNA.

Who are some of the clients we’ve
created strategy for?




Make your next impression count.

Take action.
Raise your game.
Book a 20 minute no-obligation introduction call to share where you are at, explore your specific needs, and to discuss if and how Alexanders might help you.
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