How professional graphic designers open doors

A graphic design agency unlocks possibilities by creating visually stunning designs that grab attention and leave a lasting impression. Communicate effectively in consummate style.

5 ways a graphic design agency adds value

Graphic designers are a powerful ally for businesses, helping you to cut through, make an impression with customers and optimize conversion rates. A skilled graphic artist:

Creates powerful connections

Creates designs that emotionally connect with audiences and effectively communicate a company's message, values, and mission.
Differentiate through label & packaging design.

Builds brand recognition

Consistent use of design elements such as logos, typography, and colour schemes, helps establish and maintain a recognisable brand.
emonstrate capability with a company profile.

Increases visibility

Effective designs help a company stand out and increase visibility in a crowded marketplace, especially critical online.
Dazzle punters with your trade show display stand.

Conveys meaning

Conveys complex ideas effectively through visually engaging designs.
Deliver your range in a clear, cool style with fliers & brochure design.

Enhances user-experience

Designs user-friendly interfaces and layouts for websites, making it easier for customers to navigate and interact online.
Discover credibility with a professional and easy-to-use website.

Types of graphic designers

Alexanders’ graphic design agency team covers all aspects of print and digital graphic design, for businesses needing a brand refresh or new logo, to trade show, sign design and promotion materials.


Branding and Identity designers

Creates visual identities for companies and organizations. E.g. logos, style guides & banners

Print designers

Creates designs for print materials. E.g. brochures, posters, and packaging.

Advertising designers

Creates visual designs for advertising campaigns and materials. E.g. for social media posts and adverts.

Infographics designer

Creates visual representation of information, data or knowledge E.g. for blogs, websites & brochures.

Online designer

Creates material to be consumed or downloaded in the online space. E.g. e-books.

Web & UX Designer

Creates website layout & design that enhances the user experience.

Motion graphics designer

Creates animated graphics and videos for television, film, and the web.

Which graphic design services are most popular in 2023?

  • Blog & content marketing graphics & images: creating graphics and images to enhance the visual appeal and engagement of blog and content marketing efforts goes a long way to holding attention.
  • Web design: designing and laying out websites, funnels, landing pages, banner displays and animated GIFs are some of the most popular services in the graphic design field.

  • Social media design: creating fresh visuals like cover profiles to update your social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, etc. is increasingly popular as social media plays a significant role in businesses and personal branding.

  • Logo and corporate profile design (presentational powerpoints, flyers, email signatures, company profile design): creating a visual identity for a company through logos and stationery design is the foundation of graphic designers’ work.

  • Email design: designing and creating visually appealing email templates and campaigns is an important part of growing your business via digital marketing.

  • Rebranding: updating a tired or shoddy presentation to keep relevant and reinvigorate interest.

Graphic Design Services

As your business grows, we offer different graphic design services to support your stage.


Most start-ups and small businesses need to establish a visual identity, yet don’t have extensive design knowledge. Talk to us about designing a logo, business card, email signature and simple website. Support your social media to look stylish (while also keeping costs down) by setting up your Canva account. You may also want your social media profile banners designed. Packages from $5,000.


As your business grows and develops, you may need more advanced design services to help you stand out in the market. Graphic design services such as brochure design, branding, web design, and advertising campaign design help you grow and become more well-known. Our graphic designers assist with tradeshow stand design, diagrams and maps, video donuts, sign/vehicle and packaging designs, annual report design, brochure design, email marketing template design, and copywriting.


Once you are more established and successful, you may need to scale your operations and expand your reach. You can achieve this by now improving your website user interface, user experience design, rebranding, infographics design, company profile and annual report design, motion graphics, animation, brand style guide, packaging and ecommerce design.

Graphic design services that support growth

Ad Design

Professional ad design gets more cut through. Whether digital banners, online video ads or print/magazine ads, the size, layout, animation and wording has a huge influence on success. Animating online ads can help draw attention to the ad, making them more likely to be seen and engaged with. Talk to our designer about making Gifs.

Inexpensively testing multiple versions of an online ad allows you to see which version resonates best with your target audience. Reallocating budget to trackable winners maximises the return on ad spend.

Brochure design

Unlock endless possibilities with captivating brochure design. When you're not there to make an impression, let your brochure open doors and speak for itself. From flyers and catalogues to corporate profiles and Annual Reports, our team of experts will craft an original and innovative design that will leave a lasting impact.

Don't just take our word for it, come and see for yourself by visiting our portfolio cabinet, where inspiration awaits. Get ready to open doors and make a statement with a brochure that truly represents your brand.

Logo designers

Our expert logo designer creates visual identities for your business or organisation by designing logos that reflect your values and message.  We work closely with clients to research, sketch, refine and finalise the design so your logo is easily recognisable, memorable, and appropriate for your industry.


Whilst you have limited capital, poor online logo design is more expensive in the long run by the time you re-do your website, stationery, signage etc. We can help you to be credible at launch without sinking half your budget into your brand!


As graphic design styles fade, or your business develops in new areas, it’s important that your logo evolves to reflect your current proposition and degree of professionalism.


When a corporate logo begins to look jaded, most companies want a refresh that’s still recognisable and connected to the existing logo. On the other hand, brave boards want to catapult forward two centuries! Which are you?

Website design is the foundation of your online presence

A well-designed website can not only showcase your products and services but also establish your brand's credibility and trustworthiness.  A professional website design can help you stand out from the competition, increase conversions and generate leads, and help you reach a larger audience.

With a responsive and user-friendly design, it can also help you to improve the user experience, increase your search engine visibility and ultimately help you to achieve your business goals.
Website design is not just about aesthetics, it's about creating a seamless and memorable online experience that keeps visitors coming back for more.

Folder design

Folder design is a useful tool to present detailed information, popular for real estate and healthcare products during open days and other events.

• Folders with optional inserts can be used to highlight important information such as house plans, section maps, and medical enrolment information, providing a professional and organised presentation.

• Fact sheets that cater to different levels of technical understanding can also be included and are an engaging and effective way to showcase product offerings and provide detailed information to potential customers.

E-newsletter design

With the increasing use of spam filters which divert e-newsletters to junk folders, a well-designed newsletter can help to ensure that your message is read by your target audience. Talk to us about tags that will get more newsletters into your customer inboxes.

• A visually appealing and professionally designed newsletter captures the attention of readers and encourage them to engage with the content.

• Consistent design layouts can help to build trust and establish a relationship with your audience, which is particularly important when trying to reach mature audiences online.

• A newsletter can also be an effective way to tickle the imagination of your audience and make your message more memorable.

Trade show design

Having an eye-catching display by great site design is important to capture the interest of foot traffic.

• A visually striking and professional display attracts potential customers to maximise return from the cost of attendance.

• Showcase your products and services in an interactive and engaging way that communicates your proposition clearly.

• Establish your business as an industry leader and authority.

Billboard design

• Maximise visibility and impact by reaching a large audience in a specific geographic area

• Convey a strong and memorable message (in 7 words or less!)

• Make the most of the opportunity to target specific audience and demographics

Sign designers & vehicle design

• Create a consistent and professional image for your business

• A cost-effective way to advertise and promote your products and services

• Increases brand recognition and awareness.

Diagram designs (subdivisions & presentations)

• Effectively communicate complex information and ideas

• Enhance the understanding and retention of the information by the audience

• Improves the overall effectiveness of the presentation and the ability to persuade the audience.

UX Designer NZ

What is UX Design?

Alexanders’ specialist UX Designer designs and develops interfaces, such as websites or intranet layouts, with the goal of enhancing the overall user experience, to create a positive and intuitive experience for the user to get to their desired end goal.


How much do graphic designers charge in NZ?

The cost of a graphic designer can vary greatly depending on factors such as location, experience, and the specific project. On average, a freelance graphic designer may charge anywhere from $85 to $150 per hour, while a graphic design agency may charge $150-$180/yr, and up to $265 per hour or more for senior designers. Some graphic designers offer flat rate pricing for specific projects, such as designing a logo or website. Additionally, some graphic designers may charge based on the type of project, such as charging more for print design compared to digital design. It's important to note that these costs may also vary by location and market.


Bring your brand story to life with professional photography

Imagine your message being conveyed through captivating imagery that tells a story and breaks up text.
At Alexanders’ our team of experts will handle all aspects of photo sourcing or a photo shoot, from organisation, commissioning and art direction, or selection and even editing of photos purchased from stock libraries.
We are skilled at photoshopping the imagery to extend the image or remove unwanted details, so you can use the photo in web banners or for signature hero shots.
Let us help you create a visual narrative that will capture the attention of your audience, with professional images that truly represent your brand.

graphic design experience examples

How do I find a professional graphic designer?

You can find a graphic designer by search, referral, online portfolios, freelance marketplaces, or you can come to us!
Buying graphic design online comes with limitations – are the reviews genuine? Is the designer’s ability high end or cheap and cheesy? How original is the work? No one wants a logo that is similar to someone else. How many changes do you get to make to the design before you incur additional charges? There’s no guarantee of a result you’ll love. At our graphic design agency, I’ve personally selected our graphic designer from dozens of CV’s based on his style, portfolio, willingness to take on board feedback, and understanding of design principles (it has to work, not just look pretty). You get a chance to choose some directions from a shortlist before we start, and to vet the early drafts before the design is cemented in stone. Result? Satisfaction guaranteed.

Graphic Design Packages

Graphic and logo design

Logo design, email signature, business card, 2 x social media profile banners, PowerPoint presentation.
What's Included

Graphic and website design launch package

A launch package is a great way to establish a professional and cohesive visual identity for your business, which can help you stand out in a competitive market and attract new customers.
What's Included
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About Alexanders

As a seasoned brand agency, we specialise in elevating the visual identity of businesses of all sizes, from corporate giants to ambitious small businesses. Our custom solutions cater to your specific needs and budget, providing expert guidance on everything from logo and website design to messaging and positioning.

At Alexanders, our team is made up of talented graphic design professionals, each with their own unique skill set, and united by a single goal: to drive your results to new heights.
With a commitment to sleek, professional design, we invite you to visit our studio to see examples of our past successes across a variety of industries.

Is it worth it to hire a graphic designer?

Hiring a graphic designer can be worth it as they bring professional expertise, unique perspectives, and efficient processes to create high-quality designs that effectively communicate your brand message.

While Canva is a popular online design tool that is user-friendly and affordable, it may not provide the same level of expertise, originality and customization as a professional designer.

An independent graphic designer may have a lower cost compared to a design agency but doesn’t usually have the same resources and skilled team to handle complex projects.

Graphic designers are not all created equal.

No one should have to put up with amateur design mistakes such as a logo is illegible when sized for social media or writing that’s too small to read on your slogan.
Why take the chance of poor strategic direction due to inexperience?
Don’t settle for ineffective targeting due to a lack of audience insights or inconsistent branding and messaging.
At Alexanders, we have a team including art director, graphic designers and writers with a range of experience to provide a more comprehensive solution for branding and design solutions.


Google Review from RSA on graphic design.

Google Review by Chris B for Graphic Design and Digital Marketing


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