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Keeping an edge with your ecommerce website design and marketing is an ongoing challenge, as ecommerce tools and AI create an uneven playing field.

7 reasons why E-commerce is important

 Additional revenue stream

Ecommerce web development sets the stage to build up an additional revenue stream, that over time, provides a reassuring pillar to your income. In time, some businesses may even say goodbye to the shop lease, expensive fit out, heating, and road works disrupting foot traffic!

 Escape Geographical Boundaries

Ecommerce enables you escape geographical boundaries to grow your brand. Through Search Marketing and Google Shopping, your brand is revealed to new customers without the need for expensive cold calling.

 Customer convenience

An E-commerce site delivers the ultimate convenience for customers to shop at a time that is convenient to them. No longer are your potential sales opportunities limited to just those people who visit or call your business (or your distributor) during normal trading hours.

 Increase efficiency

Spend more time fulfilling orders, and less time generating them. Thanks to credit card payment gateways and POS apps, you can reduce frustrating time chasing late payers and say goodbye to outrageous sales commissions. Arranging an app or integration with your POS system, accounting system and inventory system automates information flow.

 Higher margins

Get direct access to customers.
In the past, manufacturers were often blocked from being able to build a relationship with customers, as the relationship was owned by distributors.
E-commerce opens the door to a direct relationship and higher margins.

 No more flying blind

E-commerce data reveals more about your customers’ purchase behaviour and provides a measurable funnel so you can see where on your website improvements are required. You’re in control. Experiment, and tweak, over time learning the best approaches to lessen cart abandonment and increase sales.

 Mine your database

Transaction history opens the door to e-mail promotions prompting repeat purchase, by presenting limited time specials or complementary products.

Steps to setting up E-commerce 

1. Choose an experienced partner
At Alexanders, we know ecommerce. We’ll help you find the right platform (an important factor in platform selection is the number of products you plan to sell – Wordpress gets slow and clunky with more than 800 products in which case BigCommerce is a good solution).

2. Consider business processes and systems integration.
For example, how are your orders packed & dispatched? Would information flowing to your accounting system be helpful? Do you have an existing inventory system to connect to? What needs to be actioned from your CRM system?

3. Determine how you will attract business.
Do you need to do some onsite search optimisation? This could affect the category page design, menu names, product names & descriptions.

4. Establish a look and feel that complements your brand
Work with your ecommerce agency to apply your brand style. Plan attractive banner and category shots to lead people through.

5. Prepare your product information
Detail the information and imagery on the products or services you wish to sell online, their price positioning, variations, weight etc, and which payment methods you’ll accept.

6. Shipping
There’s decisions to make around shipping, including minimum order size, setting a shipping fee or offering free delivery, and where you’ll ship to.

7. Marketing
Now you have your store. It’s time to get some online foot traffic!

3 ways to business make E-commerce happen

Sellers can experiment, and tweak, over time learning the best approaches to lessen cart abandonment and increase sales.

Creation of a new and dedicated E-commerce site.


Adding E-commerce capability to an existing corporate site.


Improvements to your existing online shop, including Shopify, Woocommerce or BigCommerce.

Ecommerce platforms

E-commerce platform
should I use?

E-commerce Development Services

Catalyst for growth

Why choose us Alexanders?
Pricing can vary significantly between platforms and their packages, as a digital marketing pioneer Alexanders has years of the ecommerce savvy, and an intimate knowledge of the options – we’ll ensure you have an online shop that’s not only just right for your business, but more importantly, keeps your customers coming back for more!

Does Big Commerce interact with Google Shopping?



Yes, there’s an app that integrates your store with Google Shopping.




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