Content marketing companies

What does a content 
marketing agency do?

A content marketing agency seamlessly weaves together concepts, creative and copy to get eyes on your content. Since 27 million pieces of content are shared every day, it is vital to get your business message heard and seen above the fluff pieces.
As content for marketing can be in a variety of formats and on numerous channels, it is important to be strategic in creating content. That means considering how ready audiences are to engage and guiding them through a carefully considered journey.
Recycling content to repurpose it in another format can save you time and money. For example, a video transcript can be turned into a blog, inspirational quote graphics, images, an eBook, sound bites, podcasts, emails, and how-to guides. This can be done automatically too, with the right setup.
Top content marketing agencies have a team of staff that are copywriters, graphic designers, videographers, photographers, website designers and funnel builders that offer cohesive wrap-around support in creating scroll-stopping content.


Capture attention with headlines: then resonate, educate, inspire and encourage action - using our proven framework.
Copywriting: SEO, and website copy, blogs, email series, e-Newsletters, eBooks, Case studies, presentations, video scripts, captions, digital downloads, sales funnels, slideshows, articles, ads.

Graphic Design

Turn words into concepts, with visuals that communicate your key messages to captivate audiences, with our graphic designers who respect your brand colours and guidelines.
Graphic design: Infographics, diagrams, logos, social media banners and graphics, designs for websites, photo editing, proposals, eBook layout, templates, checklists, guides, FQA and PowerPoints.
Content marketing agency services

What content marketing services do we provide?

Often you can repurpose content on different platforms to save you some time as it's not always easy to come up with topics that will engage your customers let alone find the time to write the content.

Video production and editing

Our videographers in Christchurch and Auckland can edit existing footage to refresh or repurpose it for other formats or projects. Most popular: create a series of short videos to showcase your products or service and have these exported for LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube formats.
Video types: Question and Answer series, Promo, Testimonial, Demo, Explainer, Product Overview, interview, and social media 15 second videos series e.g. Reels.


Through special effects and intriguing movement, our animators add life and interest to logos, websites, newsletters social media graphics via animation and Gifs.
Animation types: Logo animation, social media gifs, website graphics, email signatures, and video animation


Stuck for imagery? You can’t beat a photo shoot every 3 or 5 years to get beautiful signature shots. But when your budget doesn’t stretch to that, we can hunt down relevant images from stock libraries. A good portfolio and product photography adds life and interest. Our Art Director will ensure your best side is captured, and highlight your business in an eye-catching way. Your existing photos can be edited to refresh or repurposed.
Photo types: Team photoshoot, company profile shots, premises shots, product shots, social media shots, flat lays.
Video content marketing agency

Who is the best video content marketing agency?

This depends on the goal i.e. if the video is for value for money series, or if you need a high-end production/presentation. Engaging videos stop the scroll more than beautiful images on social media. They get shown more and enhance reach.
However, many marketers have little spare time to think creatively about what to film and how to go about it, let alone having the camera and editing skills create a polished job.
Having your face on screen helps make you relatable and forms a parasocial relationship where viewers feel like they know you. This builds the know, like, and trust factor, and increases engagement and sales. People buy off people, and this gives your company a face.
However, if you find being on camera daunting, talk to us about ways of filming so that you don’t need to be on camera yourself.
At Alexanders, short 15 second tips and question-and-answer videos have been very popular with clients. Our video production packages cover a range of options to suit most budgets.

Content Marketing Agency Process

The process for working with an agency for content marketing:


Customer journey workshopped to see the steps they take.
Assertain what is needed and that  it is on brand.
Have a clear content plan for consistancy & efficiency.
Understand the various stages of  your customers journey.
Content is then promoted and tracked

How much does a content marketing agency cost?

Landing Pages and Sales Funnel Building

Having a high-converting landing page at the start of your sales funnel is important for capturing leads. This is where your copy, images, photos, and video all come together to explain and encourage a purchase, creating a sequence of actions.
Landing / sales page types: Web consulting, landing page design, sales funnels, CRM automation sequences.

Why choose

Guidance based on thorough knowledge of copywriting techniques, conversion tactics, trendy graphic design, and results .
Custom made content ideas on niches with creativity (we have an in-house team dedicated to this!) 
With our 25 solid marketing experience in marketing-> informed and effective social marketing strategy .
Content marketing agency prices

How much does a content marketing agency cost?

Below are the services Alexanders Marketing Agency offer:

Small but powerful

Active Content Marketing

Get a calendar of engaging post topics for each quarter, fortnightly social posts and monthly blogs, content for a promo landing page and downloadable ebook


What's Included

Content Strategy Template

Suits marketing executives. Content Marketing Strategy planning template and guide.



Who are some of the clients we’ve
created strategy for?



Make your next impression count.

Take action.
Raise your game.
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