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Nearly all businesses need marketing campaigns to replenish customers from natural attrition, and to furnish leads for sales targets.  Selecting from the myriad of media options, however, need not cause consternation. At Alexanders, we run and track campaigns 24/7. Avoid roulette. Professional guidance stacks the odds in your favour, as we steer you to media that have achieved results for related industries.

At the top of the marketing funnel, campaigns build awareness and generate leads.  A well-conceived campaign will also incorporate lead nurturing tools. At the bottom of the funnel, direct campaigns drive increased sale frequency and loyalty.


Give your Adwords campaign the attention it deserves

Alexanders is a Google Partner, and is ranked in the top quartile of agencies for performance in Australasia.


Send shoppers straight to your buy page

Google Shopping shows both your product picture and price at the top of page one, linking straight to your buy page. A proven winner for ecommerce sites.


Reduce friction with Text campaigns

Increase entries & engagement using text as a call to action – ideal for competitions and lead gen from youth markets, tradies and dairy farmers.


Video, native + banner ads

Appear only to people matching your criteria while they are on news sites, real estate sites, TNVZ on demand, Trademe, Youtube etc – and control your daily spend.


Showcase products in brochures & corp profiles

Pop in to view examples from our extensive collection of samples for inspiration on formats and designs.


Build your reputation through PR

Support to write and distribute press releases through our national and global distribution networks. Liaison with media and co-ordination of photography.


Reach specific-interest audiences

Use someone else’s database – legally! We co-ordinate media schedules, ad designs and booking for digital campaigns through e-magazines and online news sites.


Improve response rates

Alexanders’ 5 point design formula works to drive stronger results online and in print through curating attention through to action.


Artfully engage on  Facebook + LinkedIn

Professional social media page set up (Instagram  & Youtube too), post planning, promotion of blogs, campaign management and monitoring.


Professional email management

Talk to us about email template design, automating emails based on web site actions, segmented email campaigns and recommendations to comply with European privacy laws.


WeChat & Weibo demystified

Reach local or international Chinese in the way that’s native to them.  Set up, translation, promotion & monitoring of Chinese social media. Get the low-down from our native Chinese team.


Maintain visibility over longer lead times

Google remarketing is a cost-effective tool to keep in front of prospects during long lead times.

We take care of your online presence and generating leads so you can take care of business

Reasons to choose Alexanders

Measurable results

Measurable results

Know for certain which half of your ad budget works! With digital accountability and a team focussed on results – not awards – your methodology gets tuned and polished.

We're perfectly sized

We're perfectly sized

We’re big enough to take on everything you can throw at us but not so big that you’ll get lost in the system. You get to see us before, during and after every job, not just at the Christmas party.

Automated lead generation

Automated lead generation

Turn your website into a 24/7 salesperson who delivers leads while you sleep, so you can get on with doing business, not hunting for it.

We only surprise you nicely

We only surprise you nicely

Alexanders has a transparent project management programme. You may be blown away by our work but you’ll never be blown away by an unexpected account landing on your desk.

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