Small business grants NZDoes your small business qualify for the MBIE Capability Development Vouchers?

Looking for small business grants? Alexanders Digital Marketing offers services that are registered with the MBIE Capability programme.

Up to 50% co-funding

  • To find out if your business may be eligible for support, visit where you can register to talk to a Growth Advisor.
  • The vouchers are small businesses grants, NZ businesses can utilise to help grow and develop. You may qualify for vouchers to help pay for services such as coaching/support on what you can do to improve your website performance, social media strategy, ecommerce store development and promotion, Google Ads management, email marketing. Generally it takes the form of training sessions or workshops, and guidance that builds the management capabilities of owners, operators and enthusiastic in-house staff.
  • Please note programming, graphic design and clicks are not eligible services.
  • There are different criteria for each fund and only a Business Advisor through the Regional Business Partners network is able to determine what your eligibility is, and what voucher amount you may qualify for. The Covid-19 criteria are aimed at business continuity and digital enablement.

To be eligible

To be eligible for a co-funded voucher under the other fund, a business must:

Be operating with 50 or fewer FTE’s
Be GST registered in New Zealand
Be operating in a commercial environment – i.e. currently trading
Be privately owned or a Maori Trust or Incorporation under the Te Ture Whenua Maori Act 1993 or similar organisation managing Maori assets under multiple ownership
Have undergone assessment by a Regional Business Partner

Business should also:

Have the potential and desire to grow
Demonstrate commitment to improving management capability; indicators of commitment include seeking advise, working through the assessment process, and a willingness to co-fund and commit time to capability-building activities. This fund is not available to charities.
web sales

What you stand to gain

One-on-one training and coaching on a six step formula over two to four months to reach specific markets through options such as understanding keywords, search engine optimisation, social media marketing, the process required to improve website traffic and conversion, correct set up and management of Google My Business and executing one online campaign.

Outcomes - Depending on the coaching (it can be tailored)

Improve web performance

gold line
Get a plan of attack for what to do next to improve your website. Understand Analytics and highlight the areas that the data reveal need TLC

Understand Digital marketing

gold line
Gain confidence and become a digitally current business and leader

How to rank better on Google

gold line
Learn how to edit your site to rank better on Google – get a keyword plan, an optimised website, a blueprint for increased web conversion

Social media strategy

gold line
Get a Social Media Strategy, and confidence knowing what kind of content you can create to make your social more effective

Build online campaigns

gold line
e) implement an online campaign with guidance

Keep relevant & combat competition

Note that the cost of media clicks, graphic design and web site programming are not included. The training usually covers advice or strategy, but your or your team need to do the implementation.

For more details on the NZTE capability development vouchers and how to apply, or if you would like further information on Alexander’s digital coaching programme please get in touch.

Why choose Alexanders?

One on one advice from Rachel, who has 26 years of experience. Fast track success, with advice tailored to your business from an expert who is patient and good at explaining.  Upskill and grow your confidence. 



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