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Know you and your team just can’t get to the marketing actions on your to-do list? Hard to find good marketers in your location? Welcome to Alexanders, a Christchurch-based outsourced marketing agency.

Outsourcing marketing advantages and disadvantages

Why outsource marketing?

Gain access to an entire team of marketing experts, or get digital expertise, typically at much less than the cost of one full-time employee.
Get an action plan and new focus, with increased results from a similar or re-allocated spend
Fast track success, through experts with skills that complement your own, to focus on the priorities that get best results.
Avoid adding costs of recruitment and ongoing professional development
Reduce the interruptions involved with setting up and training a new staff member.

Disadvantages of outsourcing marketing overseas

Outsourcing overseas can bring challenges with communication, with language barriers or strong accents.

Time differences can be annoying when you want to get in touch urgently.

Outsourcing marketing agencies overseas don’t know the local kiwi culture and media.

It’s nice to work with someone you can meet face to face.

That’s why using an outsourced marketing agency in New Zealand makes sense.

Online marketing outsourcing

We meet clients over Zoom regularly. Online is efficient for both parties, though we are happy to make a trip for a face-to-face meeting, if you want to be sure of the fit. We have many clients whom we’ve never met face to face! Some in Tekapo, some in Australia, others in Dunedin and Taupo…Many of our Auckland client meetings are all done online.

Outsourced marketing services

Outsourced digital marketing

gold line
(digital marketing outsourcing companies)
From a digital strategy, Google ads, website design, seo, access a team of experts.

Outsource social media marketing 

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From regular posts to campaigns, landing pages, and funnels, we’ve got you covered.

Outsource content creation

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From blogs, ebooks, videos and landing pages, get the traction you crave.

Outsource email marketing

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From email sequences, CRM funnels, ecommerce messaging to email newsletters and promotions, our team can prepare a quarterly calendar and design/send approved emails.

Outsource content creation

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From blogs, ebooks, videos and landing pages, get the traction you crave.

Who are the best marketing outsourcing companies in NZ?

This depends somewhat on your needs and size. We are a good fit for outsourced marketing for companies with over 10 staff. We are a great fit if you have two or three branches and plan to expand into other regions. Our strengths are in building & related services, manufacturing, B2B, technology, education, retirement, agriculture and exporting.

Outsourced marketing examples


We are an outsourced marketing department for a tech company with 25 staff spread over two countries, whose team are flat out on customer service and technical development. We helped them with insights from over 20 international customers, formulate a marketing plan, rebrand, redesign the client tech interface, design trade show stands and videos, rebuild their website and optimise it to rank on Google, are and currently about to set up Google ads. 


We were invited by a board to be the outsourced marketing department for a vet group based in Te Awamutu with 16 branches. We assessed the marketing spend and pulled together 16 haphazard budgets into a group budget. We spearheaded core projects including speaking at conference to get clinic an intranet design, hiring an intermediate marketer who reported to our CEO, redesigning the website, and designing a brand manual so the inhouse marketer could handle day to day newsletter and flyer design. We continued to be the outsourced marketing department for 8 years, but in the latter years mainly handled the outsourced digital marketing, improving web performance by 25% each year through seo, Google ads, and continuous performance improvements. During this time, the group grew to 25 clinics.


A practitioner at a former audiology client branched out on his own with his first clinic in Southland. He was ambitious and needed a proven marketing strategy. We were his digital outsourced marketing company co-ordinating designing his website, seo, Google ads, print ads and reminder post cards among other things. We supported each clinic launch with campaigns to build awareness, and ongoing promotional offers. All work was handled by phone with the occasional face-to-face meeting once a year. During our time together, the entrepreneur expanded to have clinics in seven locations. 


We do white label ppc outsourcing for a local design agency who are younger mums with their hands full! We set up and run the Google Ads for their clients and all reports are branded with their logo.  


We do White label WeChat marketing for other agencies, who have clients wanting to market to Chinese living in New Zealand. 


Why choose Alexanders?
When there are marketing tasks you and your team simply can’t add to your to do list or want an expert to handle, get clarity from a specialist that knows what needs to be done, backed by a team who will focus on bringing momentum and introduce a proven process that gets results.

Make your next impression count.

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