Lyndal Lane17 Apr 2023

The 5 stages of buyer awareness

Understanding the awareness stages of people is crucial for marketing. 

It’s specifically important to understand these if you want to build and execute a successful search engine campaign. 

The wrong content delivered to the buyer at the wrong stage can prevent a potential customer from buying from you. 

Here’s a brief definition of each stage and what your goal at each stage should be if you are trying to generate new buyers for your business: 



These people don’t realize they have a problem. Something better than their current circumstance/solution exists, but they have no idea and are often blissfully unaware or just live with the problem and become accustomed to it.
Your goal: Poke the bear. Get in front of your buyer, ask leading questions, and state facts that get them to realize they might have a problem. 

Solution: Google Display, Google Discover, or Social campaign with problem in headline. Lead to blogs. 

Problem Aware

These people know they have a problem but are fuzzy on how it can be solved and may even believe it can’t be solved and are shy to proceed to look for a solution. Search engines are very often a first stop for these people as they Google the meaning of things; feeling safe and not being judged.
Your goalEducate, don’t sell to this group of people. Empathize with their problem and help them understand that you understand the problem and have experienced it.  

Keywords: how to, question headlines, how does X work. Blogs. 

Solution Aware

These people know solutions exist and are shopping around for products/services via many different channels (search engines, referrals, etc.).
Your goalProvide thorough information about your product/service with case studies and other forms of social validation.
Keywords: Types of, Product + company, Product + city, Product + consultant/agency/shop 

Product Aware

These people know about your product/service and your competitors. They need help understanding what makes your product/service a better fit for them than the competition and what the consequences of inaction are.
Your goalValue transparency and honestly compare your product/service to your competition. Help them understand pricing, benefits, and features and connect those to the customer’s specific pain points. 

Keywords: Product pricing, product reviews, how much does x cost, how does X work, steps to…, best… Lead to product landing pages. 

Most Aware

These people could already be customers or at least be big fans of your company. Even if they don’t ever become customers, they are powerful assets in building a strong brand. 
Your goalKeep offering them great products, services, customer service, and content and they’ll sing your praises. 

Action: Set up tags to link with your CRM so when they’re on your site, it triggers alerts to your sales team.  

Next steps: 

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