Sharpen your game 

Owls are known for their wisdom, keen observation, and sharp instincts. That exactly what Alexanders, a digital marketing agency in Christchurch brings to the table. If your business is at a crucial stage where effective digital marketing will play a significant role in determining your success, let's work together to refine your game plan.

Marketing Catalyst


Too much on your daily to-do lists and not enough digital marketing depth in your team to prepare a co-ordinated game plan?
Making money but know effective digital marketing could be the game-changer?
Overwhelmed with digital marketing options - which ones will give best bang for buck?
Tidy-ish website but it hasn't brought the avalanche of leads you hoped?
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With a digital marketing strategy, your marketing is humming – without the need to hire additional staff or give up your weekends.
Your business is more visible as a result of seo as well as online advertising, and your revenue proves it 
You've decluttered from all the potential directions and are making progress along a clear strategy.
Your website is more visible and easily discoverable in search, creating a consistent stream of good leads

Digital marketing services

Search engine optimisation

Command a disproportionate share of attention (stealthily online).
Drive more visitors naturally to your site without paid ads
Be more discoverable: propel your site to the top for key search terms
Free yourself to concentrate on other priorities while an seo expert fast tracks implementation.

Web Design

Create a powerful connection that opens doors.
Shopify & Wordpress website design: Leverage your most important tool.
Sales funnels & email sequences: leverage marketing automation, CRM’s & AI

Online advertising

Build your customer base by reaching targeted audiences.
Google Shopping Ads: Boost ecommerce site sales

Stuff, Herald, WeChat, TradeMe, MetService advertising 

Social Media Marketing

Confidently focus your content marketing to get better results in search as well
Social media advertising: boost visibility and brand profile
Tracking & reporting: refine your return on investment with guidance from digital experts

How digital marketing agencies support businesses to scale

1. Reaching wider & more
appropriate audiences

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By using our digital agency team's expertise in SEO and targeted advertising, we improve your search rankings and reach specific markets more likely to convert. This focused approach drives more quality traffic to your website, increasing the potential for sales.

2. Engaging prospects and customers more effectively

gold lineOur digital experts know how to enhance the functionality and design of websites, making them more user-friendly to improve customer retention and conversion rates. Enquire about options for a grant.*
* Alexanders offers services that are registered with the Management Capability Fund.

3. Converting them at a higher rate

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By managing social media and content marketing, trust is built and leads are nurtured to influence purchasing decisions. With technical knowledge on tracking, we have analytics tools to monitor and analysie campaign performance, to align marketing efforts with sales.

Finding the right digital marketing agency in Christchurch

Already have a digital marketing agency?
No one should have to wait weeks for web support, or tolerate campaigns with heavy budgets but lightweight results. Does your digital agency support you, put obstacles in the way, challenge you, cheer you on? Do their efforts reward you? Do they listen to you, push your business forward or are they too busy frying bigger fish?
I haven’t used a digital marketing agency before

When to appoint a digital marketing agency?



Are you spending money on marketing and not getting the returns and results you’re after? Are you unclear on which digital marketing tactics and technology will lead to success? Is your current strategy no longer working? Marketing is always changing; it’s more efficient to get pointers from your digital marketing agency so you don’t end up with an outdated strategy.

How much do digital marketing agencies charge?



Marketing agencies in Christchurch run retainers from $1,000-$5,000/month. We do too. At Alexanders, our hourly rates range from $167 to $350/hour. 

Why Alexanders?

03 348 8477
Reach out to our Christchurch marketing agency team.
Owls have exceptional hearing, that allows them to pinpoint the location of sounds more accurately. Alexanders identifies pain points in order to pinpoint messages to better connect with prospects.

Owls have specially adapted feathers that allow them to fly silently. Our stealthy, behind-the-scenes tactics let you sneak up on your competitors unobserved before they can react, giving you a strategic advantage.

Owls have keen eyesight in low light, making them excellent hunters. With a keen analytical eye, the Christchurch digital marketing team at Alexanders can help you capitalise on less obvious yet highly lucrative strategies, web user experience enhancements, and keywords.

Success Stories

Time to explore
your next move?

Next starts now.

03 348 8477
Reach out to our Christchurch marketing agency team.
This is a 20 minute phone, Zoom or Teams conversation with Rachel to get clarity on where you’re at right now, what your project is and what you’d like to accomplish. If the fit is good, the next step is to schedule a one-hour complimentary strategy meeting.
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